I’m a Youtuber?!?!

I am so happy to announce that after a year of struggling with the absence of professional equipment, the lack of inspiration, and unreasonable fear of what others would think of myself, I have taken a step forward and uploaded my first ever Youtube video! I guess everything is official and you can finally call me a “Youtuber” now! It’s a job I do alright. And I will respond to you if you call me that, for sure!

The lesson learnt here is to never give up on your dreams, no matter how big or small they seem to be. Who knows where courage, perseverance, and a little dash of the adventurous spirit will take you?

I’m more than grateful to my friends who have so kindly supported me along the way. I will never forget those who have encouraged me while I was still doubting myself. A year down the road, who would’ve guessed.


Life is back

IB is done, life is back.

First things first, great thanks to my WordPress for going through the thick and thin of my 2nd year with me. If it were not for this blog, my insanity would have toppled me over and I would not have reached this point of bliss.

Many important, imminent things at hand, including serious and voluntary ones.

1. Finish these six books: The Fault in Our Stars, 刀下留人, Readers Digest (The $17 Million Psychic Scam), Skin and other stories, The Road Less Traveled, Man’s Search For Meaning

I guess I typed the title of the books in the order of which I am going to read them, except for the last 2, which are admittedly interchangeable…

2. Start my Youtube channel.

3. Thank you notes to all.

4. Preparation for upcoming exams (for overseas unis) and interviews.

Now that I have gone through the worst, life has decided to spare me for 1 month and 17 days ie. 48 days to live life to the fullest. Plans have been made, and we’re ready to go!

Imminent tasks

1. Achieved: Set a status of no regrets

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 9.46.34 PM

2. Achieved: Kill the bug in my room (Thanks to Skin)

3. Unachieved: Start TV series, including Orange is the new black, Grey’s anatomy, and One Tree Hill

4. Unachieved: Forgot –

Life is gone

Life is gone for now, let us dedicate all the time to studying. 

One more week, and as you always say to yourself, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.”

It is never too late, until it is. Btw, it’s a 7 mark jump. 


On achievements and rewarding feelings

Achieving what you’ve been working hard for is always the best feeling one can ever get – it’s even weirder when it comes unexpectedly / unknowingly, such as a full predicted grade that you never knew of until 1 month later, when 2 interviews had been conducted during that timeframe. Awkward but rewarding at the same time, huh.

I guess, sometimes, life works that way. 

I’ve also thought of the fact that inputs does not always equal outputs because ironically it’s always about the method and the focus. Hardwork does not equal efficiency nor accuracy, therefore the saying that “practice makes perfect” is also controversial, to a certain extent. 😛 

Anyway, I am very grateful to those who have believed in me. It is now my time to do everyone proud, and finally, start studying in a hardcore manner (like how I did in my 1st year 2nd term) to get that 4 mark increase. I mean, once you’ve done that, the rest is easy. And life becomes easy too, almost immediately from that instant. Hence the importance of studying hard now. Go!